Denver’s Favorite Billiards Games

While there is plenty of things to do in while in Denver, Colorado one the local favorites is playing pool. Denver is a BIG billiards town and that being said we went out to ask “What are your favorite billiards games?”. The major response was We just love shooting pool … period. We don’t care… Read More

Chicago’s EMT’s Get A Billiards Room

Your pool table will function as the center of interest at your house. It’s best you when you spend a fortune in your billiards table additionally spend money to protect it – not only from burglars but also almost any damage and potential blemish. When damaged the pool table felt is rather fragile and needs… Read More

Paramedic Office Gets New Pool Table

The Indianapolis based emergency response team received a welcomed surprise when the boss introduced them to the new rec room that featured a brand new pool table that had just recently been installed by the local pool table movers Indianapolis billiards company. The brand new pool table had just been installed while the room was… Read More

Crews Learn How To Play Snooker

Air Craft Fire Watch Team Starts Snooker Lessons After a long days work and a 4 hour fire watch the crew heads to the rec room to take some billiards lessons. Not billiards like most us play but a more English style that goes by Snooker. A snooker table is larger than more U.S. tables… Read More